In Pursuit of Wellness Ebook

The book, In Pursuit of Wellness: 5 Steps to Overcoming Burnout and Developing a Self-Care Plan for Wholehearted Principals, is finally here! Philonda Johnson, Transformation Coach for School Leaders, has been working on this project with the hopes that it will have a transformational impact on leaders.

This Ebook was written to remind you and reassure you that you aren’t alone. And not only are you not alone but there is a way to overcome your current struggles with burnout. In order to achieve the work-life harmony that you are so desperately seeking, it is imperative that you strategically design a self-care plan. In 2017, I was inspired to launch what I call a movement, The Wholehearted Principal, just for leaders like you. I dreamed of supporting passionate and high-achieving school leaders cultivate and integrate wellbeing strategies in their life in order to achieve work-life harmony, greater fulfillment and overall better self-care.

Enjoy and share your reactions to the book with Philonda at [email protected]

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